+ Background

     - Deepening dependence on overseas testing labs in qualification test.
     - Offering a chance to domestic manufactures of coating materials, to participate in the APR 1400 project.
     - Minimizing the costs of tests, by development of the domestic testing labs and localization of tests.
     - Regulatory Guide 1.54(Rev.1) and Coating related ASTM code standards should be applied to Korean standards such as
       KEPIC codes.
     - Looking for the opportunity to export the qualification test technologies such as testing, evaluation, documentation, 
       qualification test, etc.

+ Test Items

     - Physical Properties Test : Adhesion(ASTM D 4541), Abrasion(ASTM D 4060)
     - DBA Resistance Test (ASTM D 3911)
     - Radiation Tolerance Test (ASTM D 4082)
     - Decontamination Test (ASTM D 4256)
     - Fire Evaluation Test (ASTM E 84)
     - Thermal Conductivity Determination (ASTM E 1461)
     - Chemical Resistance Test (ASTM D 3912)
     - Material Verification Test : Density(ASTM D 1475), Nonvolatile content(ASTM D 1208), FT-IR